The effect of energy on people…

How doesscreen-shot-2016-09-29-at-7-38-13-pm energy effect you?

The energy of people you hang out with have a huge effect on who you are. Hang out with positive people a lot? You’ll probably start thinking more positively. Want to act in a different manner (for whatever reason)? You can live intently by choosing what thoughts you surround yourself with – those thoughts produce action, and action requires energy. Making sure the energy you’re surrounding yourself with is the KIND of energy you want to surround yourself with is a definite choice you can make.

Energy has an effect on all things. If you look up “amazing resonance experiment” on youtube, you’ll see this quote followed by a demonstration of a pile of salt on a dark surface, being transformed by a speaker. This shows the effect of sound on physical objects. This effect isn’t limited to physical objects, but also behaviors.