Franklin Tsung: Activist Investor

In this episode, I interviewed Franklin Tsung, the founder and principal at BlackCrown Holdings.  He is Wall Street’s newest Activist Investor. Franklin’s story is interesting because growing up in a startup culture – Franklin’s father created what became the first online trading platform. Seeing this, he has become hungry for higher levels of success. At… Continue reading Franklin Tsung: Activist Investor

Vineel Maharaj: Shrink &Growth Marketer

Vineel Maharaj wears a lot of hats, but focuses on marketing and psychology. Vineel is an old friend of mine who came from California – he went on a personal transformation throughout the time that we’ve known each other, and is a man of tremendous focus. He has created websites, worked for startups, and received his… Continue reading Vineel Maharaj: Shrink &Growth Marketer