Matt Morchower: Deep Diving Entrepreneur

Matt Morchower is a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded Marquis Jets, which was later sold to Berkshire Hathaway, was the COO of Magnises – the exclusive card for millennials – and was the president of Clipper Jet. In our interview Matt shares his three-pronged theory to what a modern entrepreneur can be, how to become an… Continue reading Matt Morchower: Deep Diving Entrepreneur

Mark Ransom Day: Pt 1 – A Call to Action

Mark Day’s middle name should be Adaptive. Instead, it is Ransom, but that is pretty badass, too. My conversation with Mark at Irving Farms last week began with us talking about his first job in NYC, and how he learned about the fundamentals of copywriting by assuming the position at Cognito. “I started to think about… Continue reading Mark Ransom Day: Pt 1 – A Call to Action

Polly Payne Willoughby: Creator of Horacio Printing

Polly Payne Willoughby: Creator of Horacio Printing I spoke with Polly Payne Willoughby about her company Horacio Printing – a Christian faith-based planner. She had the idea to create a planner in August 2014, executed on the idea and sold out of her first production run within three months. For the last 18 months, Horacio… Continue reading Polly Payne Willoughby: Creator of Horacio Printing

Franklin Tsung: Activist Investor

In this episode, I interviewed Franklin Tsung, the founder and principal at BlackCrown Holdings.  He is Wall Street’s newest Activist Investor. Franklin’s story is interesting because growing up in a startup culture – Franklin’s father created what became the first online trading platform. Seeing this, he has become hungry for higher levels of success. At… Continue reading Franklin Tsung: Activist Investor