I love reading. Here are some books I read, and my favorite ideas discussed in the books.

For each of these books, my first thought is to say how fantastic it is, and that everyone should read it. But since that is probably true for all of the book on this page, I will describe why I think it is so fantastic.

The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday.

Ryan combines stoic philosophy with real-world applicability. For example, understand that recessions and depressions are cycles – don’t let these external pressures affect your interest in building something. Ryan lists a bunch of companies that were started when the rest of the world was in a “recession” – FedEx being the most notable. Fred Smith, founder of FedEx, just had an idea, kept it going, because business owners don’t even know they’re in a recession until they don’t have orders from clients, or have fewer orders. At that time, they need to get more creative. This is where the title of the book comes into play: understand your surroundings, and move forward – don’t let an obstacle paralyze you. 

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