A person who never made a mistake..

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-7-43-08-amIn one of the first episodes of the Netflix series Chef’s Table, an italian chef – Massimo – was creating a new dish for his customers. One of his sous chefs dropped one of the pieces of the dish onto the place, breaking the piece, and seemingly ruining the entire dish. But the Massimo saw the situation differently. He took the seemingly broken piece, and turned that into the centerpiece of the dish. The chefs made the dish look like a disaster area. Then they named it “Oops! we broke the dish!”.

Another great quote on this is “if nobody knows what you’re doing, you’ll never be doing it wrong”. Inherently when you try new things, they may turn out differently than the way you expected them. Mistakes will be made, but it is likely that these mistake are only known by a small group of people. When new ideas are introduced, they can either be mired in enthusiasm, awe, mystery, and genius – or in disappointment. The creator is the one to decide which qualities these new ideas will manifest.

Make mistakes, but roll with them, and let them add to the character of your idea, not detract from it becoming possible.


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