Nothing succeeds like…

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-7-50-58-amWhen he was running for office, JFK held many speeches, some more well-attended than others. To make it seem like his popularity was always increasing – and thus his campaign was successful – his brother would routinely get people to come to his campaign rallies, stand at the front of the stage where he was speaking, and then take pictures of the “full” crowd.

Even if it isn’t success yet, appearing successful will get you to be successful. If you simply look & act successful for long enough, the universe has a way of making people believe that you’re successful, and want to associate with you – turning you into a success. Believe you are successful, and you will act successful – then people will believe you are successful too. Pretty soon, you’ll start doing the things successful people do – succeed. First steps: dress well, take care of yourself & listen.


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