Whether you think you can…

ig-macros-absolute-guide-to-excellence-web-version-004Navel Jain has an interest in space. A serious interest: he owns the largest private collection of meteorites.  In fact, he wants to mine the moon. More importantly, He thinks he can do it. He thinks it is possible.

This simple thought – that he can mine the moon – has huge implications. The first implication is that it changes your thinking about the any challenge. It shifts your perspective from a “can this be done?” to “how can this be done”. It gets you thinking about what steps need to be put into place in order to get that thing done. It moves you past theorizing about this, into quantifying the challenge. Now, Navel is thinking “how big of a rocket will we need?” “how much fuel will it take?” “what year can we turn it into a commercial enterprise?” When can we turn it into a consumer enterprise?” All of these questions require you to suspend seeming irrational thinking, and think “Ok, since this can be done – what are the first steps to making it happen?”.

The more seemingly-irrational the challenge, the longer it will take to happen. But, understanding the right questions to ask about the challenge, not dismissing any challenge as “not possible”, will push it close to happening. If you think you can make something happen, you will. It is not that things don’t happen, it is that they just haven’t happened, yet.


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