Truth is not measured…

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-6-51-08-amTruth is showing the facts for that they are, not because they are convenient. Roundabout way of saying this: I saw a study the other day where 8  people were in a doctor’s office waiting room. 7 of them were planted there – in on the joke – and stood up in the span of 10 seconds. Eventually that 8th person stood up too.  This is one example that people feel uncomfortable when they are not doing what everyone else is doing.

People don’t like to be different. But, being different is being unique. And if you’re trying to start something new – a business, a genre of music, or an experience – you will need to find that thing that will make you different, unique. If you don’t, people will go with that they trust – which is not you. Trust is created by being true to your unique identity: showing what is different about you, and sharing why it is good for some people. At the beginning, you have to start with only finding what is good for a few people. Your micro-niche of people. Get those hardcore fans – by revealing what is true about your idea.


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