Don’t ask what the meaning…

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-6-50-58-amSelf-direction can be daunting, as we discovered on Tuesday with the concept of “deciding”. This is because nobody wants to miss out on what they could have done. But, consider this quote by Oscar Wilde: “To define is to limit”.

Limiting yourself to one thing for a while helps you concentrate. For that time of concentration (hours? days? years?) that is what your life is about. Like comedy? Become a comedian. Surround yourself with it in every way. Figure out that it isn’t what you like to do that much? Fine. Decide what you do like. Go in for it. Go all in.  You can always change your mind, knowing that if your time runs out, you tried what you wanted to try. Think of the opposite: what if your time runs out and you didn’t try what you wanted? tragic.


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