No great mind ever existed…


When I read this, I keep coming back to the example of Elon Musk. This guy goes on stage and is taken seriously while he is talking about a “neutal lace” and the extremely high probability (1 in 1 Billion)  that we are living in a “base reality”, meaning that were are actually living in a sort of video game. How mad is that? Yet, people line up to hear him speak. The difference between him and any psycho on the street mumbling to themself is two-fold: 1) execution & 2) persuasiveness. He can convince other people that what he believes is true, and he executes on those things, or he persuasiveness other people to execute on them.
He had a very specific trajectory to get him to where he is. The goal was always to get to Mars and create the ability for an extra-planetary civilization to exist. But first, he would needs some money So, he looked at what the market wanted, andused his computer skills to create a company that deals with Zip2. After 4 years, it sold to Compaq and he made $22 Million use the money from that to start, which merged with PayPal (they were competing with paypal, so he and Peter Thiel decided to just join forces), which sold to eBay, netting Musk just under $200MM. This happened in under 3 years.

All along (as in, since he was a kid, and during the time he was building his first 2 companies – 7 years), he was interested in electric cars and rockets. This means it was an undercurrent, during the time he was sleeping at his offices trying to get the companies off the ground.

After he had the money to start SpaceX & join Tesla, he could finally realize the dream. This is total madness. But now, he has a track record of doing things that work. And he can convince people that they should do those things too. Maybe because they want to be surrounded by his perceived genius, or maybe because he is a very persuasive guy. But whatever it is, it works.

Now, we have driverless cars, powered by the sun, and we’ll probably be going to mars within in the next 5 – 10 years.

Insane madness, but he talks, and people listen and then they get stuff done.


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