30 Day Challenge: daily paragraph.


I’m giving myself a 30-day challenge: writing at least 1 paragraph per day on a specific subject to improve my podcast. But, how does writing relate to podcasting?

Ive been studying 2 great podcasters in an effort to improve my own podcast.

These 2 podcasters, Tim Ferriss & James Altucher, can be considered “great” because their podcasts:

a) Offer valuable insights from interesting people.

b)  Get many of listeners.

These 2 qualities create high-quality content – which creates more of those 2 qualities.

Some of their interviews are better than others, and there is some crossover of interviews, which really highlights their differences.

Tim talks about optimizing your output in life. James talks to people about what thee guest is doing in life – I’ve found trouble getting to his main “focus”, other than he asks good questions.

In both cases the interviews are “the asset”. What they do with their asset to improve it is the interesting thing.

The common thread is writing. 

James seems to be writing every day, and he posts on Facebook, linkedin. These always link back to his blog, where you can buy books he has written (18 in total?), listen to his podcast (169 in total?), or get consulting work. He also writes for news publications, giving him credibility. His thing is “choose yourself” – how people can have ideas and put themselves in a better position in life. 10 ideas a day, he says. People seem to have results. Through most of his writing, people are directed to his podcast.

Tim’s is about optimizing life’s processes (life hacking maybe?), and the Podcast talks to “elite/over-performers” people to find out how they perform so well. He took those interviews and turned them into a book called “The Tools of Titans”. (I’d love to get him on the podcast to talk about how he focused to write the book, but that is another story). He has a great podcast following because he has written bestselling books, continues to write for his blog, and a VERY engaged audience. Through this, he shared his podcast, and it has been really successful (millions of downloads, probably making him some money, letting him do what he wants in life).

So to make my podcast more successful (increasingly higher quality, delivering more value to listeners, getting more great guests on the show) The “lead domino” is writing.

If I can write 1 paragraph per day to get the ball rolling, then I can write much more than that.

To have “inspiration” to write, I’m going to use something I created a few years ago for my nephew. It was based on Modern Family’s “Philsosophy” – a guide to living well. In 2012, my nephew (nicknamed Macro) was just starting to read, so I decided to make him a book of grand thoughts. I called it “Macro’s absolute guide to excellence”.
It is filled with quotes that I’ve collected over the years that had an impact on me. There are 30 quotes.

So, for the next  30 days, I’m going to write at least 1 paragraph (3 sentences) on each of the quotes I put in there.

The challenge is that quantity does not equal quality.  However, with enough quantity, high-quality will come.


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