An Update On The Podcast

Hi Everyone – here is the beginning of a series of fortnightly updates I’ll be posting on The Fierce Focus Show to give you an idea of what goes into producing the show.

First, some fun numbers.

The Podcast has been published in regular installments for the better part of 9 months.

In that time, the show has experienced:

  • Interviews with 23 “success primed” people: (Venture Capital, Banking, Investing, Sailing, Animations, Calendar Printing, Media Strategy, Meteorology, Baking, business-doing, etc.)
  • 17 different recording venues.
  • 3 different types of mics.
  • ~200 hours editing / transcribing / social media-ing.
  • Several exhausted AA batteries.
  • A wedding & honeymoon!

One beard has been grown, 3 interview-related flights have been booked, and if I had hair on my head I felt comfortable pulling out from hearing my own voice so much, It would all be gone.

Needless to say – it has been a blast.  


You may not know her name (by her own design), but you likely have read her writing.

Maeve Roughton is a writer and a strategist, working with clients like Google, Questlove, PlayStation, and Zappos. She has led creative initiatives with agencies such as TBA Global and Agent of Change.  I got in contact with Maeve via the Dreamers // Doers community.

Here are some of the things we talked about in the show:

Agent of Change
Gracias Mama
Social Media
Newsfeed Eradicator (this helps me focus)
Pee Wee herman

Here are some parts of the show that you can jump to:
28:27: How she defines focus
45:44: How to get into the strategic mindset?
33:32: “The Fire Alarm going off” or “can a podcast host find some decent recording space in this city?”
00:00: Thoughts on elevators


I’ve got more interviews than I can count on 2 hands (11 – ha!) scheduled in the next month or so – in NYC, California & Seattle.

Before that, some of the interviews I’ll be publishing in the next few weeks include:

Ryan Holiday – NYTimes Bestselling Author of The Obstacle Is The Way one of my favorite books, about how we should handle external obstacles in life. He has a Reading List filled with other good books he reads. We talked about his new book Ego Is The Enemy live at the Financial Times. Shooting to publish this on 7/11 (keep me on time!).

Neelam Brar – Founder of District CoWork. Neelam was also banker, focusing on Real Estate. Then, decided to combine her love of real estate and entrepreneurship and open District Cowork. She is also working on a accelerator & fund called Empress – which is a fund that will accelerate business facing the female economy.

A Request: subscribe & share. 

The more people hear the podcast, the more awesome guests we can have on the show – so please continue to share!

Here are links for you to do that:



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