Julia Wojnar: Creator of UnleashYourPresence.com

Julia Wojnar built Unleash Your Presence upon a core philosophy of freedom.

“I had been let go from a job i was working at which, coming out of school, I thought it was going to be my path. That woke me up. I remember waking up – literally – the day after this happened, and I suddenly felt really overcome with this feeling of lightness and freedom.”

What she did was very similar to how she coaches people to speak with confidence: harnessing her most useful, inherent skills into something powerful & impactful.

“A lot of people out there think they need to be really calm before they go on stage, and they need to try to get rid of these nerves that they have because otherwise it’ll be all consuming. The truth is that when your going into these kinds of moments, your body produces a lot of adrenaline to prepare you for that moment. So, if you’re standing there talking to 500 people who are all looking at one person, that is a lot of energy that is coming towards that person. A lot of times thats what causes those nerves – the mind freaks out a little bit, it thinks ‘oh man, those people are looking at me – I really need to perform here!’ But, the adrenaline that your body produces is meant to help you in those instances.

“So, what I teach my clients to do is to transform that energy. So, rather than letting that adrenaline get in your way and make you freak out before you go to speak or trip over your words. What I do is transform that energy into excitement.

Just as Julia coaches people to greater levels of performance, she took on a coach to show her how to be most valuable to her clients. A key point was choosing a name.

“The name took me a very long time to come up with. I came to it because I was thinking about ‘what would my clients want in working with me? In doing Speaker Coaching, why would someone do that?’

“Something I kept thinking about – thinking about their experiences, and the experience they were going through in hiring me to take these stages to go get in front of crowds or even just in front of meetings in front of their colleagues and staff – what would anyone want in that instance? When I asked myself that question, I came back to presence. I knew from my years of performance that I developed a sense of stage presence that now comes to me naturally after having been doing that for 15 years of my life.

“So, that was something I developed over the years, but its something people don’t naturally have if they haven’t had the same experiences. I feel that anyone has the capacity and the potential to have that presence, but they just need a little guidance to get them there.

“Part of my work is to facilitate finding that natural style and presence is, uncovering that, and helping them bring that out.”

Julia has been on stage for 15 years, where she started in Theater. She incorporates the knowledge these years of Theater experience has taught her, including “Stage Craft”:

“…When you watch a performance on stage, there are certain elements that the performers will do in their movements, or in the way they carry themselves on stage that make a difference in their performance and allows them to capture and hold the audience’s attention.

“When you’re watching a great performance, you’re entertained and you’re anticipating what will happen next. That is something I learned in my years in theater – how to have that presence on stage, how to bring in elements of movements, how to change your voice in certain ways – not to change the natural state of your voice, but little tweaks that can improve the quality of it.”

So far, Julia has built two types of coaching packages for UnleashYourPresence.com:

“I have my fearless speaker training program. That is the signature program that I do. It is designed to take someone from 0-60 in getting ready for a speaking engagement. In that process, I help work my clients through their messaging, in writing their speech, and in their delivery all in the process of preparing them and build that foundation that they can take into different environments.

“I also have my intensives – which are just one piece of the overall program that I do. That focuses specifically on writing or delivery. Those would be more applicable for someone who is coming in – they have some of the foundation but they need a little boost to get it to where it needs to be.”

One of her clients, who was very experienced in business, was having trouble conveying his message:

“The issue he was finding was that he wasn’t really establishing a good connection with the audience. He told me ,“I know my content, and I feel like I can go and talk about business all day long – but people are falling asleep in the audience and I don’t want to let that happen”. So, what we did was we were able to identify the parts of his personal story that he could use as teaching points in his workshops. So we were looking back at what he started and the things he has learned along the way. By starting the speech off with where he was initially he was able to make the connection with the audience he was talking with – these entrepreneurs – and reassured them that he has been there too, and that he knows what they’re going through. From there, fast forward in time to what he has learned, instead of coming off as more of a textbook where it is  “this is what you need to do – XYZ” – he was able to take his own stories and the mistakes he learned from them, so that other people could learn and not make those mistakes themselves.

Julia mentioned that there is one overarching tenet to speaking effectively:

“Preparation is key in being successful. Even for myself – when I go to do workshops or talks that I’m doing, people don’t see all the behind the scenes; me standing in my house, talking to nobody but myself a lot of the time. But, I know that it is in those moments, and because of that prep, that enables me to not only perform better, but to have the confidence that I need in stepping into those situations. “

Julia is offering a free guide to get speaking to anyone interested in finding out ways to book a speaking gig. To get the Get Speaking Blueprint, text SPEECH to 33444.


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