Franklin Tsung: Activist Investor

In this episode, I interviewed Franklin Tsung, the founder and principal at BlackCrown Holdings.  He is Wall Street’s newest Activist Investor.

Franklin’s story is interesting because growing up in a startup culture – Franklin’s father created what became the first online trading platform. Seeing this, he has become hungry for higher levels of success.

At Columbia, Franklin was extremely resourceful, cold-calling his way into some of the biggest investment banks and making deals with executives. He was in his early 20s.

In our discussion, we talk about Franklin’s journey in creating his companies, his theories on Business as what society is created to do, and of course, how Franklin has used focus to re-invent App Crown, an financial technology platform, and how he founded of BlackCrown Holdings, all based in NYC.

Enjoy, and stay focused.


Grew up in the startup game: 2:20
Why Columbia?: 13:15
Workout fund: 15:50
Moment he turned the corner saying this could work: 21:15
Have the mindset “I don’t lose”.
Core beliefs: 22:00
Where does “knowing I will win” comes from: 23:14
from “workout” to Appcrown: 24:20.
New project: 31:50.
What was the first move? 33:18.
How do you focus? 34:00:
What makes you space out: 36:30
How to deal with things that aren’t expected? 37:45:
The importance of suits: 39:13
Qualities of a good company: 41:00
Who would you want to be mentored by? 43:08
3 conferences: 46:40
3 books: 49:00
Entrance song: 51:35
What is the fundamental purpose of business in society?  52:34
How to get ahold of franklin: 53:43

Links from episode:

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Franklin’s Linkedin

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Stay tuned for another episode next week!


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