Ali Hamed: Venture Capitalist

Our first guest is Mr. Ali Hamed (@alibhamed) – a venture capitalist living in NYC, who is a Co-Founder and a General Partner at CoVenture.

In this interview we cover a lot of territory, from what CoVenture is and what they’re doing with the World Bank, the easiest email he had to send, what qualities he looks for in founders, and of course: how he stays focused.

An outline of the show:

1:30: Who is Ali, what is coventure?

2:00 How do you focus?

4:35 rituals for peak productivity

6:00 Peaks/troughs

8:35: Where they came up with the idea for CoVenture

10:25: 2 types of risk

13:16: On fear

14:36: On raising money

16:20 What they look for in founders

21:10 Was there a corner that said “this could be a big thing”?


28:45 How he learned how to create CoVenture

29:25: The most exciting thing about CoVenture.

31:20: On stress

33:45: Day in the life

36:05: Avoiding apathy

38:20: Punchable face?

39:43: First 30 minutes of day.

39:55: Books reading?


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