Sam DeBey: Animator, Idea Machine

Sam DeBey is a digital animator and a good friend of mine. Sam’s story has brought him from being an art student in San Jose, to living in his mom’s hotel in the Seychelles, to sailing his boat down the eastern seaboard during hurricane sandy. As an animator, he has made videos you might have been exposed to – some with [Vin DiCarlo], and others with [Ashton Kutcher’s] company [A.Plus].

We explore how Sam maintains his creativity, how he started his life as a freelancer, mistakes he has made and how to avoid them, and his method of keeping resolutions.


sam sky diving

[Einstein quotes about empty desk]
[parkinson’s law] 
[Anthony Keidis book]
[seychelles] [hotel in seychelles]. 
[Fiber optic high speed internet in the seychelles]
[elance – lets put sam on the front page]
[AOR – account of record]
[waffles & dinges]
[an idiot abroad] 
[article that says being bored is a part of life]
[ four hour workweek, moonwalking with einstein]
[how to memorize something: castles of the mind.]


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