Vineel Maharaj: Shrink &Growth Marketer

Vineel Maharaj wears a lot of hats, but focuses on marketing and psychology. Vineel is an old friend of mine who came from California – he went on a personal transformation throughout the time that we’ve known each other, and is a man of tremendous focus. He has created websites, worked for startups, and received his master’s in psychology in 2011.

We talk about his transformation, his interest in the “pickup artist” community, investing, creating websites and marketing, and a company called Dil Mil. Vineel can be reached at, or you can read what he writes on  [LifeHack] and [Elite Daily].

Ideas discussed:
[social cameleon]
[self-fulfilling prophecy]
[micro-niche finder] 
[market samaurai] 
[market sophistication]
[pickup industry] 
[simple pickup]
[dil mil app]
[UX cam]

Products / services discussed: – unfortunately, out of service.
[ad sense – publisher’s way to make money]
[ad words – advertisers use to advertise on the search network]
[breakthrough advertising – eric schwartz]

Media discussed:
[writing with style]



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