Saeed Jabbar: Talking to a Creator

Saeed Jabbar – a man who is primed to be a creator. Saeed grew up in Guyana, moved to NYC when he was a child – this gives him a particularly interesting perspective on life in the US. We talked about meditation, optimizing his life, his “hyperbolic time chamber”, and how he focuses. And, we talk about his new class called [“Inclusion”].

Show notes:

[jamaica Queens]
[city AS school]
[gary vaynerchuk]
[vayner media]
[kanye west]
[for-purpose organization]
[solomon’s tomorrowland 2015 set from belgium] 
[crav maga]
[hyperbolic time chamber]
[CBT: cognitive behavioral therapy]
[think and grow rich]
[reality distortion field]
[the obstacle is the way]
[seth godin]
[nyc subway ads]
[2000-year old egyptian artifact]
[standing desk]



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